August 14th, 2008

non-judging breakfast club

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[x] you might as well tell how you've found me and what we have in common, since you're commenting already :)
[x] please note that i get extremely shallow at times, so consider that if you're one of them intellectual people who find this annoying (but don't worry, i get deep and philosophical, too)
[x] also note that i go through lots of mood swings, and that there are angsty emo posts as well as jumping-up-and-down-out-of-happiness ones, and there's lot of real life drama. so, if you hate sad posts or really don't give a shit about my friends or boyfriend or parents or whatever, think about whether you really want to add me
[x] also don't add if you're not planning on reading and commenting on my posts. i like my flist to be made of people i enjoy talking to, not just empty names i know nothing about
[x] if you're expecting fandom posts, you'll be sorely dissapointed
[x] there might be the occasional fic/short story or icon post, though
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