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the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead

well it rains and it pours and you're out on your own

extraordinary girl in an ordinary world

#My name is Catherine and I'm very proud of that because I'm an avid cat lover.
#I like Catwoman a lot. From obvious reasons. Also, she's cool.
#I live in Paris and am a proud student of Lycée Henri-IV
#Drawing and designing are like breathing.
#I'd like to write a fantasy novel, and I've been trying to do it since I was four. Am clearly failing so far, obviously.
#I love people and I have lots of friends - most are posh and conceited but only I get to call them that way and, once you get to know them, they're great people ^_^
#I adore fashion. I like dressing to themes and adjusting clothes to my moods. Dressing well is a form of art.
#People tell me I'm pretty.
#I don't believe them.
#I spend averagely 8 hours a day with my headphones on.
#I work as a waitress in a cafe. My posh friends think it's funny.
#I'm clumsy.
#I make my own jewellery.
#I watch only aesthetically great movies, regardless of the content. Shitty eighties special effect make baby Cat's eyes hurt.
#I'm fascinated with the sixties.
#I walk around with my head in the air.
#I'd pick animals over humans every day.
#I daydream whenever I get the oportunity.
#I tend to go clubbing a lot.
#I paint my nails in bright colours.
#I've taken photos of the sky and clouds in various weather conditions and glued them all over my ceiling, so I can look at the sky even when I'm indoors. That's silly, I know.
#I'm a style over substance kind of person
#I don't leave the house without my diary.
# My biggest aspiration in life is to meet a normal person. Too bed it's never gonna happen since, y'know, there isn't one.
#I love old Audrey Hepburn movies, I know every line of Breakfast at Tiffany's by heart
#I read a lot. There's nothing sexier than seeing a pretty girl sitting on a bench in a park in a floral summer dress, Ray Bans, gorgeous sandals and bright red lipstick, reading a great book.
#I seriously don't get why I'm popular.
#I've got murals I've painted and Vogue photo shoots all over my walls.
#Obscure radio stations are love.
#I read lots of trashy mangas because they don't require me to use my brain.
#I want to be a director, or a graphic designer, or an anthropologist.
#I love fantasy novel because they let me escape
#My idol in life, however ridiculous it may sound, is Carrie Bradshaw.
#I collect quotes and song lyrics like an angsty preteen kid.
#Vintage dresses are made of pure and utter win.
#My most favourite person in the world is my cat Sophie. She's a mild sociopath.
#I have a large scrapbook with hundreds of photos. I keep it since I was twelve.
#I date the best guy in the world, and I'm his band's only fangirl.
#I have a flair for drama. Too much of it.
#I go ice skating during the summer.
#Sarcastic guys are sexy.
#I'm a tree-hugger. Meaning I'm vegan and I fight for animal rights and try to stop global warming and preserve endangered species. You know, the little stuff like that.
#You know, one day all my friends are going to die of substance abuse or STDs or drowning in their own money, and then I'll shoot myself because my friends are my life.
#Obscure indie bands playing in even more obscure cafes are made of win.
#I'd like to go to England. England pwns 'em all, baby.
#I'm a total narcissist. And a bitch. And I'm awesome. So deal with it.

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